Thrust 1

Materials & Methods Development


  • Stimulating Attention and Creative Problem Solving (Beeman/McKinley)
  • Statics and Dynamics of Soft/Biological Structures and Hybrid Soft-Hard Assemblies (Dravid/Drummy)
  • Design and Synthesis of Functional Synthetic Biomaterials (Jewett/Dennis)
  • Synthetic, Bioprogrammable Lipid and Lipoprotein Particles for Phospholipid and Cholesterol Metabolism (Thaxton/Schatz/Hussain/Pachter)
  • Printable and Flexible Bio-Integrated Electronic Inks (Hersam/Tabor/Maruyama)
  • Protein Spherical Nucleic Acids for Enhanced Neuronal Stress Response (Mirkin/Jankford)
Thrust 2

Functional Substrates


  • ProjScreening Nanotube Catalysts Through Scanning Probe Block Copolymer Lithography (Mirkin/Maruyama)
  • Optical Metasurfaces by Evolutionary Design (Odom/Urbas)
  • Using SAMDI Mass Spectrometry to Detect Analytes in Sweat and Saliva (Mrksich/Kim/Benavides/Martin)
  • Programmable Migration of Nanoparticles on Surfaces Presenting Continuous Gradients of Biomolecules (Lee/Vaia)
  • Bio-Supramolecular Scaffolds for Templated Assembly of Cathodes in Wearable Energy Storage (Stupp/Naik/Mirau/Durstock)
Thrust 3

Advanced Biosensing


  • Programmable Molecular Magnetic Nanomaterials as MRI pH Sensors (Harris/Mirau/Goodson)
  • Rapid Quantification of Salivary Cortisol through NanoFlares (Mirkin/Kelley-Loughnane/Chavez/Mirau)
  • Monitoring and Moderating Stress Severity (Redei/Jankford)
  • SERS Detection of Performance Targets (Schatz/Naik)
  • Bioprogrammable Plasmonic Sensors for Human Performance Biomarkers (Van Duyne/Pachter/Chavez)
  • Advancing Biosensor Development through Screening and Structural Characterization of RNA Regulation (Jewett/Lucks/Harbaugh/Kelley-Loughnane)